Tip Top Bread in the 80’s

A loaf of Bread cost 54c in 80’s.  Now this Tip Top cost me over $3. An increase of 5 times the cost.  I call Inflation a ‘Silent Killer’ as it quietly and slowly erodes the purchasing power of the money we have saved.

A $200,000 portfolio over 20 years will lose $33,000 from this silent killer.

  • Take a 3% – Return on Cash
  • Deduct 30% in tax and you are left with 2.1%
  • Take CPI of 3% and you have a return of -0.9%

So if you hear friends or family suggest ‘I’d rather have money under the mattress’ or ‘my Super returns have been awful and I will leave my super in cash’ they may need a gentle push to see a financial adviser.  We can assist them in becoming more confident with the concept of growth investing to combat the rising cost of living.


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