Preparing for your retirement

Retirement is something you’ve worked your entire life for. It’s your time to sit back, take stock of everything you’ve achieved in your working life, and to relax. But for some—family business owners in particular—the prospect of retiring after a lifetime of hard work can be a daunting one. And it’s not just the thought […]

“Are you ready?”

The importance of having the right team of experts on your side. Life is unpredictable. You may think there’s still time to make plans for your business, to put things in order for your retirement—but significant life changes can happen in the blink of an eye. When our Dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness […]

Special Report for Family Business

We’ve spoken with family business owners and specialist family business advisors across both Australia and the US to uncover the most pressing issues facing you today. DOWNLOAD REPORT HERE

Life wasn’t meant to be easy – but this plan will help!

Family Business Owners live in fear of being the sinking ship. What happens to them, and their family if they are the one who brings their business down? There is one easy solution that can help them plan through a range of unforeseen financial events. When it comes to their personal finances or forward planning, […]

UNEARTHED! The business nest egg fallacy

Relying on your small business for your retirement can be a foolish strategy. Many family Business Owners fear they could become the sinking ship. That is, the one who brings the business [and eventually] their family down. Many of the Business Owners that we see have a passion for their business, they deal with a […]

Dreaming of a three day working week? Here’s your reality!

Many people, who are clear on their personal financial goals – move towards a three day working week sooner. With the festive season upon us, how’s your work life balance? Did 2015 see you achieve more family time while earning the income you hoped for? Here’s our tips to help turn 2016 into the stepping […]

The dirty habits of being cashed up!

Just because you are income wealthy does not mean you are set up for life. There’s an old saying, look after the cents as the dollars will look after themselves. This means, watch the little purchases – these quickly add up. In our experience, we’ve often seen the greater the income, the more unaccountable people […]

To Leverage or Not to Leverage?

Benefits of managing debt in your new business Our last blog covered key points to consider when starting your own business. Today, we reveal the key questions we receive from those considering, or those that have just opened a new business. What is an acceptable level of debt to have? How should my finances be […]

An Ideal Instrument for Business Owners

Self managed super funds (SMSFs) are the fastest growing products in the superannuation industry today. SMSFs offer a number of advantages and benefits that appeal to individuals. These include the freedom to choose investments, the flexibility in determining the tax position of the fund, estate planning, pension planning and asset protection, among others. There is […]