Our response to COVID-19

While the impending spread of COVID-19 is concerning from a human perspective, those with investments may start to worry about its effect on the market. Despite the recent excellent performance of markets globally, the potential COVID-19 pandemic means we’re going to see market volatility. As China’s economy starts to feel the impacts, global trade—relying so […]

The value of independent advice

In the climate following the Royal Commission into Banking, the entire financial services industry has come under sharp scrutiny. And so it should. With Commissioner Hayne’s report divulging that there’s a population of the financial planning sector that has been providing advice that’s not solely for client benefit, it’s important that consumers do look closely […]

2018 Client Satisfaction Report

In 2018 we asked a representative group of our clients to participate in a worldwide survey of the financial advice industry. The aim of this survey was to help us better understand: • How engaged with us our clients are; • The value we’re providing in shaping your wealth; • Your satisfaction with our service; […]

Recent Market Volatility

After a period of relative calm in the markets, the increase in volatility in the stock market has resulted in renewed anxiety for many investors. From February 1–5, the US market (as measured by the Russell 3000 Index) fell almost 6% and in Australia, the S&P/ASX 300 Index fell almost 5% during the equivalent period.[1] […]

SIA Response to the Royal Commission into Banking

Around the country there are honest financial planners and bankers frustrated, angry and disappointed by revelations made at Royal Commission into Banking. What we’ve seen the Royal Commission expose is that it’s the system, not the professional financial planner community, that is at the root of the problem. Given recent media coverage of the Royal […]

Reflecting on Magdy Stephan

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And thankfully for us, it’s where we came from that helps shape our commitment to our clients. When we reflect why we behave, refine our business and relate to people the way we do, we realise that it is naturally and feels like it is […]

The Road to Independence

For over 14 years, ifa magazine has been the trusted source of information for Australia’s financial planning sector. Our own Joe Stephan was recently interviewed for a feature article where he discussed how he and his brother James, developed Stephan Strategic to be one of the few practices that can call itself truly independent. Here […]

Investment picks for uncertain times

One of Australia’s top financial planners says its important to block out the short-term volatility of the sharemarket and the added noise of an election campaign and focus on three- to five-year investment horizons. Block out the “noise” of a grinding election campaign and look beyond the sharp volatility in financial markets and nervousness about real estate […]

Neil Mitchell couldn’t find one – but you can

A few months ago, leading Melbourne radio talk-back host, Neil Mitchell, asked his listeners why he could find not one independent business which could advise him whether it’s better for him to heat his house with gas or electricity. Every professional that gave Neil their opinion, had a heating product to sell. This bias meant […]

The Planner that helped Jennifer speak out against Kerry Packer

I absolutely love this article! Those who benefit most from financial planners wish not only to trust advice but to understand and continue to receive education which ultimately leads to empowerment and confidence in many critical life decisions. See how Jennifer Byrne of ‘The Book Club’ on ABC was able to speak out against Kerry Packer and […]

How Independent Financial Advice adds more to your life

As experienced Financial Planners, we identified the advice that we believe is best for our clients, can only be as good as the structure we operate within. The vast majority of financial advisors in Australia who insinuate they are independent – are not. If a financial advisor receives commissions or is aligned with a licensee […]

A 4 stock portfolio? Really?

In response to Marcus Padley from the Age – Click Here Harold – a four stock portfolio? Really?  I can see what you’re cooking and I believe it’s based upon a recipe for disaster. So, we have Harold (a retiree) who lives the retirement dream and thinks his dream should be solely supported by the […]