How charitable families keep the spirit of giving alive

For many families we work with, giving is part of their DNA. It might be giving financially, by donating to charities they support, or giving time, and giving back to the community. It might be sitting on boards of charitable organisations. For some families, their potential to become significantly charitable increases as the security of […]

Succession planning isn’t the end—it’s the beginning

When it comes to succession planning, many challenges family business owners face stem from the fact that the next stage of their life is unknown. There’s a reluctance to hand over the reins because they simply don’t know what’s coming. How will the family business look without them at the helm? Do future generations have […]

Valuable money lessons to teach your kids

There are many resources available to help parents talk about money with their kids, yet many parents still find it challenging. Many parents do not know how to talk to their children about money, what they should be saying, and when. What’s more, our accelerated, invisible–money world is making it harder for children to grasp […]

Special Report for Family Business

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5 Reasons to Make Philanthropy a Family Affair

A growing number of successful people have a strong urge to “pay it forward” by financially supporting causes and organisations that are near and dear to their hearts. Many business owners already make regular charitable contributions. Once you become successful, your focus can extend to how you can help others who may not be as […]

Rewards for Grandparents!

We’re continually told that being a Grandparent is one of life’s most rewarding phases. Spending as much time with Grandchildren becomes a top priority for most. However, structuring your estate can be a challenging process. We’ve seen many instances where Grandparents are not entirely sure if their children can handle, or indeed, need inheritance. A […]

Your inheritance. How much should you leave your children?

When considering your legacy, deciding how much to leave your children, grandchildren and other beneficiaries is one of the most important questions families face. However, the amount you provide is only one factor of many that you should consider. When helping clients clarify how much they wish to leave to their beneficiaries, the Warren Buffett […]

Life wasn’t meant to be easy – but this plan will help!

Family Business Owners live in fear of being the sinking ship. What happens to them, and their family if they are the one who brings their business down? There is one easy solution that can help them plan through a range of unforeseen financial events. When it comes to their personal finances or forward planning, […]