Ensuring charitable families retain their generous spirit.

For many families we work with, giving is part of their DNA, and want to ensure these practices are continued into retirement.

With the right planning and a carefully considered investment methodology in place, your giving doesn’t have to stop when your career does. We work with you to ensure your hard-earned money is invested soundly and in a way that manages risk, minimises the taxes and fees that can erode your funds, and provides you with the capacity to continue giving.

Together, we help you retain and generate more funds that allow you to continue having a charitable impact, long into your retirement.

This information has been sourced from The Guide To Giving, Charity Aid Foundation

How we support your family

When aiming to maximise your charitable giving, we provide specialist advice to help you determine the investment structure that best suits your goal and provide you with advice that ensures your charitable giving activities remain intact—and even becomes tax-effective


  • How much you plan on giving, and how often


  • Where your money will be donated


  • Your preferred donation timeframes


  • If a charitable structure might be a suitable option


  • How tax-effective your donations will be

Making a bigger impact

In some cases, setting up an ancillary fund can be an exciting opportunity to make a difference on a larger scale. In this case, we’re able to help you establish an ancillary fund to continue your giving.

We’ll work with you to create your mission statement, develop your investment policy, and provide advice on its governance and administration practices.

Leave a legacy of charitable giving

At Stephan Independent Advisory we’re passionate about working with families and family business owners who see real value in charitable giving. So, we enable you to choose the method of giving that best suits your needs.

We work with you to create a framework that ensures you’re able to continue your charitable giving practices long into retirement. Our goal is to enable you to continue to give the way you want to, regardless of your working situation.

Together, we’ll ensure you leave a legacy of charitable giving that involves your whole family, both now and for future generations.

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Joe & James were able to provide me with the impetus to take the next step into retirement which could have been delayed without quality financial advice.


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Stephan Independent Advisory took the time to understand our situation & tailor their advice & solutions to our specific needs which, being a business owner, can be quite complex.


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