Is the grass really greener?

Not all advisors are made the same. There are many benefits of long term relationships with a trusted advisor, as they are in the best position to navigate you away from things you didn’t see coming, and steer you in the right direction during times of uncertainty. For example after a sudden stock market dip.

Many people change advisors for the wrong reason, and it can cost them dearly.

We’re often approached by potential clients who are shopping around looking for a fee reduction. We always ask them “Do you trust your advisor” and their response is often “yes”. In these cases, we advise them to stay with their existing advisor.

The risk of a small discount is great. Remember, changing Financial Advisors is not like changing your phone company. If your new phone company makes a mistake, you can change to another phone company.

If your current advisor is doing everything you need and is trusted, this is such a great match and can be difficult to come by.

Obviously fees are important, that’s why will only take on clients where we can add value above our fees. If a potential client sees us and we believe our fees do not represent value for money to them, we will advise them immediately.

When working with a trusted advisor who is helping you to achieve long-term objectives that you are comfortable with, fees should be a secondary consideration. Moving from a trusted relationship, to another advisor, may drop your costs slightly, but this small reduction is far outweighed by the debilitating effect of bad decisions on your personal finances.

Hold onto your trusted Advisor with dear life.

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