How Independent Financial Advice adds more to your life

As experienced Financial Planners, we identified the advice that we believe is best for our clients, can only be as good as the structure we operate within.

The vast majority of financial advisors in Australia who insinuate they are independent – are not. If a financial advisor receives commissions or is aligned with a licensee that has others who receives commissions, they are not technically independent.

If we were owned or aligned to a product manufacturer, this would influence the delivery of our financial advice to you. To remove any bias and ensure all our decisions are made in your best interests, we decided to become truly independent.

ASIC’s position on independence is clear:genuine independence is characterised by an absence of “links to product manufacturers …. commissions and … asset fees”.

Of the 18,000 financial advisers in Australia, we are part of a select group of under 90 who can call themselves truly independent.

We’ve worked long and hard to structure our company to be truly independent. This means:

  • We are privately owned. We do not provide pre-determined advice to please owners or shareholders
  • We do not receive any commission or incentives from any third party company or individual.
  • We are not aligned with any other organisation in Australia.
  • There is no conflict of interest.

Our clarity will help improve your clarity so you know exactly where you are headed with your money.

Why does independent financial advice have your best interests in mind? Watch this video and see!

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