A lap band for your income

We find that many people focus on their expenditure – without focusing on their goals.

After creating an understanding of your goals and objectives, we devise strategies that will enable you to achieve these.

However, as the word “budget” sometimes conjures up negative thoughts about reduced spending, we prefer to refer to it as “Lap Band Surgery for your income.”

Lap Band surgery is used to reduce your capacity to eat, which helps you lose weight and live off considerably less food.

A Lap Band for your income means the strategies we recommend effectively strip away parts of your income. This puts restrictions or controls on what you have left to spend.

The Lap Band is set so that your long term strategies are protected from your weekly spending – without micromanaging every expense. In a sense, the money that is not allocated to the strategies to meet your future goals, becomes your weekly budget.

For example, for every $1 of wages, we may allow 35 cents allocated to financial strategies. The remaining 65 cents is your allowable budget. You can safely spend this on your necessities [ie: food, utilities] and leisure, without compromising your long term goals and objectives.

This means, rather than telling you how to spend your money, we jointly determine what level of savings is required to meet your goals and create investment programs.

Restricting cash flow has proven to be a successful way to budget.

By reviewing your income and “restricting” it so that you can achieve your goals, a sustainable amount of money for your weekly lifestyle expenditure is revealed.

What we don’t want to do is balance the achievement of your objectives with having enough left out to be able to live life comfortably. In some cases if the expectations for the future are great – it may mean that current lifestyle expectations will need to change.

We arm our clients with this information to decide for themselves. It is possible that both current and future lifestyles can be met without compromising however this is very rare.

The question is how tight should your Income Lap Band be? Find out by speaking with us today.

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